sPlace Park –  modern face of Żoliborz



lokalizacja Żoliborz

Prestigious location

Żoliborz is undoubtly one of the most beautiful and prestigious districts of Warsaw. Picturesquely situated, very well communicated with other parts of the city, full of green spaces and characteristic climate, which both artists and other inhabitants benefit from.

  • Quiet, green part of Żoliborz, near Sady Żoliborskie at the junction of Rydygiera and Anny German Street.
  • Excellent urban communication
  • Developed urban infrastructure near the estate (check our interactive map: map)
  • Looking for a flat in Żoliborz? sPlace Park is the best choice!


metraże mieszkań i apartamentów

Comfortable flat sizes 

The offer includes a wide variety of flats from 1 to 5 rooms and two-level apartments, small ones (with a flat area from 68 m²) and big ones (with an area from 93 m²) with the hight up to 5,5 m in the living room.


Flats for sale:

  • From 1 to 5 rooms
  • Functional layout of apartments allowing for their flexible design and optimal use of space
  • Balconies, loggies or terraces, and gardens in apartments on the ground floor
  • Above-standard hight of the apartments (up to 5,5 m)
  • Bright and well lit apartments, i.a. due to big windows
  • Small apartments from 68 m² and big ones from 93 m²


standard inwestycji

High standard

The investment is made from high quality materials, and the standard of the building together with modern architectural solutions will meet the expectations of the most demading clients.

  • Panoramic, wooden windows equipped with ventilators
  • High quality finish of the common areas
  • Silent and energy-saving lifts
  • The area around the invesment designed with the greatest attention to detail
  • Atmospheric light
  • Lots of greenery
  • Estate monitoring, video intercoms and phisical security
  • Underground garage



Modern architecture

sPlace Park is an ideal combination of functionality and modern design. Its a well-thought concept created for comfortable life. What makes the estate unique is a carefully designed area of investment, full of greenery and tasteful elements of small architecture.

Estate designed by the renowned architectural studio „Mąka Sojka Architects”


  • Functionally designed area around the investment
  • Service premises on the ground floor
  • Tasteful elements of small architecture
  • Investment adjusted to the needs of the disabled
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